Our Professional Equipment

Air Duct Maintenance, Inc. is recognized as a premier duct cleaning company because of our professional cleaning process and guaranteed workmanship in the H.V.A.C. and the disaster restoration industries. When called upon, Air Duct Maintenance, Inc. is prepared with the latest in duct cleaning equipment to clean any size, shape and material of ductwork. Our commitment to indoor air quality goes beyond the National Duct Cleaners Association standards.


Our state of the art vacuum trucks are powered by a Kubota diesel industrial motor, delivering 16,000 CFM. This high powered vacuum places the complete ductwork system under negative air pressure, pulling the dust, dirt, and debris directly outside to our trucks. Our vacuum trucks are powered by a direct drive, not a P.T.O. system. We choose to use the highest quality vacuum trucks available to assure our customers are receiving the highest quality service. One major difference to why our vacuum trucks are a step above the rest, is due to the placement of our filter bags. Our vacuum truck filter bags are internal. Having our filter bags inside of our trucks keeps them out of the weather for maximum vacuum suction, unlike some models where the filter bags are exposed to the weather and when wet or damp, lose vacuum suction. Truck vacuums do not clean ductwork but are an important component in removing dirt and debris from the ductwork to the exterior of the building. Portable electric vacuums, on the other hand, capture the dirt and debris, filter the air, and exhaust clean air back into the building.

The tools we use to clean ductwork depend on the size, materials, and configuration of the ductwork to be cleaned. While our vacuum trucks put the complete system under negative air pressure, our variety of high pressured air tools are used to clean all shapes, sizes, and materials of ductwork, this includes flexible and internally lined fiberglass ductwork. A typical residential cold air return contains cross bridging, pipes, and wires. Unlike brushes, our air tools are designed to thoroughly clean through and around these obstacles without causing damage. We guarantee that we are fully equipped to complete the task, no matter what size, shape, or material of the duct work. For example, we use a commercial/ industrial grade HEPA filter vacuum system for remote locations. We use a variety of contact vacuum equipment for large ductwork and air handlers.