Do you have a problem with odor, mold, mildew, or bacterial growth? We offer EnviroCon, the most effective microbial control product on the market. Bio-Cide International, the creator of EnviroCon, is the leader in chlorine dioxide technology. EnviroCon is an EPA registered, safe, low toxicity formulation that inhibits the growth of odor causing organisms, as well as those organisms associated with mold, mildew, and bacterial growth in the air and in HVAC systems. This product is so safe that it can be used in occupied spaces. This product does not have any environmentally damaging propellants or flammable ingredients, making it not only the most effective product on the market, but also the safest.


One of EnviroCon’s key features is the low toxicity and safety rating with the EPA. Rated as a category IV, the lowest EPA toxicity rating, it can be directly applied to the HVAC system duct work in populated areas. What does having the lowest EPA toxicity rating mean? It means there are no harmful effects to your skin, eyes, breathing, or swallowing when using EnviroCon. Once EnviroCon is applied, it dries leaving the system virtually residue-free.


EnviroCon’s Key Features:

  • EPA registered
  • Does not cover up odors, it eliminates the source of the odor through a chlorine dioxide release process that destroys organisms at the origin
  • Does not contain perfumes, masking agents, or alcohol
  • Does not contain Phenols, Chlorine, or Bromodiols
  • No evacuation required
  • No harmful chemical residue
  • No rinsing required
  • No respirator required
  • No environmentally damaging propellants or flammable ingredients
  • Lowest EPA toxicity and safety rating