Duct Coating and Restoration

Look no further, Air Duct Maintenance, Inc. restores internally lined fiberglass and duct board type ductwork!

Having your ductwork restored will provide a clean and safe air stream at a fraction of the cost of having your ductwork replaced. This procedure will restore the ductwork back to its original state and ultimately improve your indoor air quality. Internally lined fiberglass ductwork or duct board may begin to fray or deteriorate over time due to the constant air flow through the ductwork. This could cause loose fibers to become airborne and eventually make it out into your living or works space. Air Duct Maintenance, Inc. uses an E.P.A. registered coating manufactured by Fosters Company for the use in air conveyance systems. Fosters 40-20 and 40-23 are globally recognized as the leader in restoration coating for the H.V.A.C. Industry. Fosters 40-20 is a microbial control product that inhibits mold growth once it has been applied. Fosters 40-20 has been proven to be effective long term, guaranteeing our customers that this is an excellent low cost alternative to replacing your ductwork. Fosters 40-20 kills odor causing mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, and smoke.

All duct liners must be HEPA vacuumed, using the proper tools to not tear or damage the duct liner surface. All vents and trunk lines leading to areas not to be treated will be sealed off to assure that the coating is only going where it is meant to be placed. The system is then placed under negative air pressure during and after the application.

Fosters 40-23 penetrates deeply into the existing insulation materials and, upon cure, reinforces the cohesive strength of the insulation materials, forming a tight, damage-resistant surface.