Air Duct Maintenance, Inc.’s Duct Cleaning Procedure

Our Professional Cleaning Process Makes the Difference!

  1. Place system under negative air pressure using our Kubota diesel mounted vacuum trucks, which delivers 16,000 CFM.
  2. Use zoning pads to protect the furnace and air conditioning coil from debris.
  3. Remove and wash all registers and grills.
  4. Hand clean the register housing.
  5. Clean branch ducts down to the main trunk line using various high pressure air tools that scrub the inside of the ducts. This includes all cold air return and supply duct work. We utilize the proper tools to clean all shapes and sizes of duct work including internally lined insulated duct work, and flexible ducting.
  6. Trunk lines are thoroughly cleaned.
  7. Cold air return drop duct and boot duct are cleaned.
  8. Furnace blower compartment is vacuumed and hand-wiped.
  9. Electronic air cleaners and washable air filters are thoroughly cleaned.
  10. A/C evaporator coil is thoroughly cleaned.
  11. Furnace doors are hand washed.
  12. All access openings are sealed air tight.
  13. System is cycled and purged.
  14. Thorough clean-up of job site.