Breathe Clean, Healthy Air

The saying goes, “a clean home is a happy home.” Well, clean starts with the air that you and your family are breathing. Fresh, high-quality indoor air is vital to keeping you and your family healthy (and happy) in the long run.

Many people are more concerned with surface sanitation before getting into the nitty-gritty of cleaning their home. When thinking about your routine cleaning, are you fully clearing out every part of your home, top to bottom? You might be a floor-scrubbing pro, but your ventilation and ductwork are probably left to the wayside. With peak allergy season right around the corner, your vents are going to need a little TLC.

Cleaning your air ducts is key to purifying the air in your home.

Clean, healthy air is the ultimate goal of an air duct treatment plan. Custom cleaning developed by specialists have restoration applications, but overall air quality coming from your vents is the main benefit.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates indoor air quality (IAQ) in most homes is five to ten times worse than outdoor air quality. That says a lot given that many states in US, especially Pennsylvania, are considered to have poor air quality. If you’re wondering about the overall air quality or pollution levels of your area, you can check out the EPA’s Air Now Tracker on AQI.

Something of note is that as homes become more efficient for energy and space, overall breathability, ventilation, and airflow can suffer. Luckily, with regular air duct maintenance, you can extend the life of mechanical systems to improve air quality without sacrificing energy efficiency. In some cases, cleaner vents can end up improving overall home energy consumption. Air duct cleaning reduces the chances of “clogging” your airways with mold, bacteria, dust, and other microbes, or even animal nests.

If not treated properly, contaminants in your vent work can become part of the breathing air by being pushed through your heating air conditioning (HVAC) system. Most airborne contaminants are especially harmful to those with continuous allergies or respiratory illnesses. Air duct cleaning can be the relief you are looking for in your home’s air quality.

There are a lot of different solutions in place for air purifications. Filters and dehumidifiers might be the route to go in some cases, and full ductwork maintenance may also be your best answer. It’s hard to say there is a “one size fits all” path, so a consultation might be your next best move towards better indoor air quality. Air Duct Maintenance is here to discuss the air purification options and treatment plans best suited to your home, budget, and needs.