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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning for Schools

Air Duct Cleaning for Pittsburgh Colleges, Universities and Schools

It’s about that time – back to school means book shopping, class scheduling, and of course, air duct cleanings. Although it may come as a surprise, an air duct cleaning should not just be limited to your home space. It should also include schools, colleges, and universities in order to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are healthy throughout the school year.

While many schools use systems to improve indoor air quality, a lot of the cleanliness stems from how clean the air ducts are.

Air Duct Maintenance has the staff and experience it takes to clean air ducts in colleges, universities, and schools in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Air Duct Cleaning in School Environments

When the University of Pittsburgh came to our experienced technicians, they were considering with the unavoidable build up of dust in their ductwork. Lint from clothing, dirt tracked from inside and outside of the buildings, crumbs of food, and pollen tend to get picked up in air fixtures and sometimes break through filters.

Although schools can feel like a safe place from contaminants, dust does happen.

Is an Air Duct Cleaning Necessary in a University?

While it may not seem like a huge issue, cleaning the air ducts of a school is absolutely necessary. Not only do they blow out the dust inside the classroom but dorms are also at risk for dust and pollen-related allergens.

Ducts that haven’t been cleaned in a while can harbor so much dust that the interiors of the buildings become visibly dusty themselves. Pollens trapped in the ducts can aggravate allergies if those pollens break free and get blown out through the vents.

If viruses or bacterial infections start going around the school, there’s the risk of germs circulating from room to room via the duct system.

All in all, not having your school’s air ducts maintenance poses a lot of health threats to students and those who work there.

Educational Facility Air Duct Cleaning With Air Duct Maintenance

With Air Duct Maintenance, Inc., you can always expect a free and honest assessment of the current state of your school or university’s ducts. Our pricing is not “fixed,” estimates are custom to the amount of work that will need to be performed.

Areas we service include but are not limited to: Allegheny, Washington, Beaver, Butler, Armstrong, Westmoreland, Indiana, Lawrence, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Somerset, Greene, Fayette, Cambria, Clarion, Blair, Jefferson, Mahoning, Columbiana, Jefferson (Ohio), Brooke, Marshall, Wetzel, Monongalia, Preston, Ohio, Hancock, and Trumbull.

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